I’ve been using bitnami-redmine, which is so called all-in-one Issue tracking system(ITS). I mean it contains the Apache Web Server, Mysql, Subversion, Redmine itself. You don’t need to install additional software and you can use it immediately if you use Subversion as the versioning system. In my case, I use […]

Redmine, Jenkins and gitBucket.

I’ve been recently practicing making code of JQuery and made Reversi on this website. Here is my poor Reversi. And next aim is connecting to Facebook or Twitter with OAuth and being able to play it among players. However, I’m recently also very busy so I have no time for […]

Learning JQuery

Oracle ODP.NET TransactionScope committed in spite of being published Exception occurred something like timeout. I googled the situation, finally I noticed it’s a flaw of oracle product or something. So I asked my administrator to search oracle support and he found BUG 10231702. It would be fixed at Patch29 or […]

Oracle seems to have some problem on TransactionScope.

Recently I moved to the Sakura internet in my VPS provider. In addition, I changed this website to be hosted PHP-fpm on Nginx from apache on Nginx. I think little bit faster than before, but I don’t know how much what it does because of not being measured by web […]

Divided website to JP and EN

I participated in a some kind of an advertisement, seminar held by Microsoft and its related partner companies in Shinagawa ward. It had four different type presentations like letting us to teach how to use windows 8.1 Tablet effectively, introducing their public and private ‘cloud’ service and giving a suggestion […]

A seminar on MS building.

Recently I received a PC installed LoadRunner 11.03(perhaps patch 3) from my client and watched a web performance with it by long-run test. In multiple user test, it seems not to work on proper performance because the web performance monitor couldn’t reach any limitation, usage of CPU, network bands, disk […]

Strange things about LoadRunner 11.03