Being Installed munin

In spite of being installed munin in my company’s websites, yet I didn’t installed munin my websites.
So I installed that. This document is reminder if I forget some settings of that.

However the setting was literally easy.
I apprceiate the effort acchiving this result by leading people.

As a fact of that, I took the nginx way instead of apache one.
Because this websites already go on nginx so It’s little bit complicated being installed apache and munin and go well altogether.

Fisrt, Being Installed munin server and munin node etc.

yum install munin munin-common munin-node munin-fcgi-graph munin-fcgi-html munin-nginx spawn-fcgi

Start munin node

sudo service munin-node start
sudo service munin-fcgi-graph start
sudo service munin-fcgi-graph start

Customize munin.conf comform to my websites environment.

Remove comment-out

#dbdir   /var/lib/munin
#htmldir /var/www/html/munin
#logdir /var/log/munin
#rundir  /var/run/munin

Replace cron to cgi

graph_strategy cron
html_strategy cron

Also I took a certification from let’s encrypt for this website. So I would do munin site also via SSL.
Moreove lock to basic authentication for the munin website.

Because revealing some status of my computer to public is dangerous idea.
Moreover if not secure access to munin for basic authentication, it’s possible to retrieve the username and password to catch malicious people.

Fortunately, the best and reasonable way is available, of course it’s let’s encrypt.

If you previously don’t retrieve the package of let’s encrypt script, the below code is availabe to do that.

git clone

Perhaps you can get the certification to /etc/letsencrypt/live/.
The setting is href.

Getting the certification, however it’s need to stop nginx so if you run the website as on 24/7 services, you would consider or be announcement in advance.
((However it’s very short time stopping if the sequence isn’t wrong.))

The situation is celar, you can stop the website and get cert from let’s encrypt.

cd certbot
sudo service nginx stop
./certbot-auto certonly --standalone -d [domain/subdomain]

Perhaps you can see some interaction for retrieving cert.
After comform the inquiry, Command the below.

sudo service nginx start

That’s you can access the munin website.