Thin wheat noodles

I cooked somen noodle for lunch.



  • chikuwa x 1
  • aburaage x 1
  • cucumber x 1
  • somen noodles ‘ibonoito’ x 8
  • mentsuyu

adittional ( if you like )

  • green onion
  • sea laver( Japanese: Nori )
  • grated ginger

Slice chikuwa,cucumber and aburaage as thin as possible. because the noodle is very thin. So be better fit between noodles and other ingredients.
Bake sliced abraages by oventoaster less than 2 minutes.

Prepare boiling 4/5 pot water, and boil somen noodle 2 minutes.
Wash noodle by flow water and drain off the water from them well.

Pour water and mentsuyu at a rate of 3:1 into glass cup.

That’s it.

I forgot to take a photo, so this eyecatch is from another website here.