Strange things about LoadRunner 11.03

Recently I received a PC installed LoadRunner 11.03(perhaps patch 3) from my client and watched a web performance with it by long-run test.

In multiple user test, it seems not to work on proper performance because the web performance monitor couldn’t reach any limitation, usage of CPU, network bands, disk usage per minute, usage of Memory. Only waiting threads was less bad, but it was not obvious.

It seems a sequential behavior rather than a same time accessible.

(No error occurred.)

So I though it was not problem of servers, but the client has some problem having prevented to be acting parallel access for some reasons.

I don’t have a proper HP passport ID, I can’t access the LoadRunner patches’ website.

Please notice me if not LoadRunner patches, especially patch 4 or higher , show the above behavior or not.

Sorry, This is old post on my old blog.