In spite of being installed munin in my company’s websites, yet I didn’t installed munin my websites. So I installed that. This document is reminder if I forget some settings of that. However the setting was literally easy. I apprceiate the effort acchiving this result by leading people. As a […]

Being Installed munin

(This image is from flicker : Author Yuri Samoilov Image System Lock) I changed my server\’s default connection to SSL for using letsencrypt. HERE is the step by step tutotrial of its instruction how to change a server to fit SSL for when I forget my settings. Open 80 and […]

Let’s encrypt

I cooked somen noodle for lunch. Ingredients: chikuwa x 1 aburaage x 1 cucumber x 1 somen noodles ‘ibonoito’ x 8 mentsuyu adittional ( if you like ) green onion sea laver( Japanese: Nori ) grated ginger Slice chikuwa,cucumber and aburaage as thin as possible. because the noodle is very […]

Thin wheat noodles

I wrote a post for my company’s blog last week. It was related a introduction of learning JavaScript again for who learned it before many years ago and return to the world recently like me. Because its evolution speed is much higher than ever. So the previous knowledge is abandoned […]

Re:introduction of learning Javascript from zero

I somehow want to access to my developing websites locally from my smartphone so investigated and wrote a memo. Once access to local network, I can access to the website from my iPodTouch by typing ip address indicate my mac. However iOS doesn’t rewrite hosts file, so it doesn’t access […]

Build a dnsmasq as DNS resolver[First]

Somehow, I tried to reinstall the XCode on my Macbook Air again but I hesitated it due to the shortage of the disk space, At that time, my colleague said I used much bigger file usage than he thought, And told me his helpful method for detecting which directories use […]

A story which I accidentally knew by the shortage of ...

I went the developers summit 2016 at Meguro gajyoen today. There were several talk sessions in 5 rooms, and also many sponsor booths during all day. I’m tired in spite of just sitting and listening. It was good to hear about the Twitter finagle, which I was recent trying to […]

Developers Summit 2016 in Japan

It meant a matter in two or three rows in line and waiting a train caused to smooth getting off and on the train especially in a terminal station. It also prevents trouble amongst passengers. Some station staff announces they have such rule repeatedly over and over again. I think […]

Seiretsu Jyousha(lining up for the train)

I bought a Ripstik. It’s very fun and eazy if you’ve experienced snowboard, I think.

I bought a Ripstik.